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Beautifully Brown Me (BBMe) offers a variety of goodies and services to celebrate and empower brown women and girls.  It’s who we are, it’s what we do.  Let us help you to be your best beautifully brown self through:

BrownGirlSlayBlackTeeApparel and Accessories

Beautifully Brown Me believes that brown girls shouldn’t be shy about how awesome they are!  We have a variety of trendy tees, tanks, hoodies, totes, and other accessories for women and girls.  We have an adorable collection of tees and tutus for little girls because we want them to know from an early age that their brown is beautiful.  Check out our online store and get your beautifully brown swag today!

We also consider a curator of all things beautifully brown and look forward to bringing you the best products and resources that also support the success and fulfillment of brown women and girls.

Workshops, Professional Development, and Conferences

At Beautifully Brown Me, we believe that parents, teachers, and other community members must be educated about what it takes to raise and support confident beautifully brown girls.  Therefore, we invest a great deal of time in researching data and trends related to both their success and challenges.  We provide training in schools regardless of demographics, as we believe that ALL schools can benefit from our research.  Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Teach Them To Love Themselves:  The Role of the Teacher in Supporting Confident Brown GirlsIMG_5411.jpg
  • Raising Confident Brown Girls in a Challenging World:  What Parents Should Know
  • Under the Radar:  Meeting the Unique Needs of Brown Girls in School
  • Teaching Our Boys To Love Our Girls:  Socializing Young Boys to Respect, Love, and Support Girls
  • Unapologetically Black in a Predominately White School:  Helping Brown Girls Maintain a Strong Sense of Self When They Don’t Look Like Their Peers
  • Leaving No Child Behind:  How Predominately White Institutions Can Create Supportive and Welcoming Environments for Non-White Kids


  • $1000 for a two-hour workshop (includes planning and materials)
  • $4000 for a full-day workshop (includes planning and materials)
  • Conference rates vary
  • Rates for Custom Packages TBD

We would love to design a custom workshop, program, or conference to meet the needs of your school or organization based on a detailed quantitative and qualitative assessment.  Contact us to design a custom package.  Note:  Non-profit and small business discounts may apply.  Contact us to discuss further.

Growing Up Beautifully Brown:  School and Community Groups for Girls

2016-03-20 00.01.24It is imperative that beautifully brown girls have the support they need from adults as well as peers.  Let us help you design a group for your school or community.  A Beautifully Brown Me group start-up package includes:

  • Beautifully Brown Me curriculum and activities
  • Beautifully Brown Me tees for each girl and leaders
  • Beautifully Brown Me journals and pens
  • Beautifully Brown Me bag
  • Access to annual conference events


  • One-time license fee of $1500
  • $60 per girl per year

Parties and Events

At Beautifully Brown Me, we love to party!  Let us help you plan your soiree.  We have parties in a box or we can come to you and make your event a success.  We hold ourselves to the highest standard and will ensure that your event is elegant and fabulous from start to finish!  Note:  Parties are designed for ALL women and girls to enjoy.  Our mission is to provide multicultural images and activities that include everyone and empower ALL women and girls to embrace, love, and be their best selves.  No woman or girl will ever feel like she doesn’t belong at a BBMe event.

  • For Beautifully Brown Ladies
    • Brown Girls Slaying (you and your friends celebrate how amazing you are and what you mean to each other)
    • Brown Girl Painting Party (you and your friends paint beautifully brown self-portraits)
    • Custom Party Package
  • For Beautifully Brown Girls
    •  BBMe Party (ages 5-12; a fun and fashionable pampering party for little brown girls and their friends to celebrate who they are, appreciate one another, and dream about the future)
    • Brainibella Parties (ages 5-12; a beautifully brown superhero party for all girls OR a book-themed party based on a book about an amazing beautifully brown girl)
    • Custom Party Package


  • $300 for party-in-a-box for 8 people (includes paper goods, invitations, party materials, favors, party itinerary and instructions for the party host); $20 per additional person
  • Note:  The Brainibella Book party-in-a-box requires an additional non-refundable cost per girl to cover a copy of the book for each girl.
  •  $600 for two-hour party; includes party-in-a-box materials for 8 people plus hostess for three hours;  $25 per additional person
  • Rates for Custom Packages TBD


We strongly believe that beautifully brown women and girls need to see images of themselves where they go and where they dwell.  Let us design and decorate your space to reflect who you are!  Are you a teacher or business owner who wants a space to reflect your diverse clientele?  Let us help you.

  • Nurseries
  • Big Girl Rooms
  • Play Rooms
  • Classrooms


  • $500 for room-in-a-box (virtual design based on pictures of the room to be designed; includes identifying and selecting products for room to be executed by you)
  • Rates for Custom Packages TBD

Consulting and Leadership Coaching

Are you an executive in need of hands-on leadership coaching?  Are you a leader looking to connect better with your team, clients, or constituents?  Let us help you with our team of experts dedicated to your personal and professional success!

Rates for Custom Packages TBD


Do you need something that’s not listed here?  Let us know what you need and we can design a package to meet your needs.  We are creative and flexible!

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