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Purple Rain, Lemonade, and Brown Sugar: An Ode to An Emotional Week in Music

by Alicia R. Adams In the past week in music, I’ve gone through more emotional changes than I can count. I’m still drying out the purple rain tears from my … Continue reading

April 25, 2016 · 4 Comments


Beautifully Brown Me Debuts at the Sixth Annual Cupcakes and Cocktails:  A Diva Soiree ~Saturday, March 19, in Waldorf, MD Beautifully Brown Me was honored and excited to participate in … Continue reading

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Five Things My Little Brown Girls Need From Me

As we were wrapping up at Target, one of my four daughters pointed to the newest issue of Seventeen.  “Ooooo, Mommy, can we get this?”  I’m already bracing myself because … Continue reading

March 24, 2016 · 4 Comments

On Raising Confident Beautifully Brown Girls

I already know what my smarty arty eldest daughter would say about me writing this article:  “Well, you haven’t fully raised us yet, so how do you know that it … Continue reading

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Beautifully Brown Dropping Pounds

No doubt about it, this girl loves herself!  But I also can admit that I have some work to do.  Beauty is about being your best self and I know … Continue reading

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On Embracing Our Beautifully Brown

Beautifully Brown Me Chocolate Mocha Coffee Bean Vanilla Caramel Everything In Between Her Hair Her Eyes Her Lips Her Skin Second Only To Her Beauty Within

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On Being Me

Beautifully Brown, Unapologetically Me too bold, too loud, too bossy, too proud too quiet, too patient, too compliant, too mild too kinky, too coily, too curly, too nappy truth is, … Continue reading

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