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Beautifully Brown MeBeautifully Brown Me (BBMe) is a movement to celebrate the beauty and excellence of brown women and girls throughout the world.

If you rely on the media, the school curricula, and much of the written history, you would be led to believe that brown women and girls live on the fringes–on the outside of the default standard of beauty, only as props to the accounts of others.  It can be hard for a beautifully brown girl to grow up knowing her worth, her significance, her potential, her beauty.

Beautifully Brown Me is about providing the visual imagery that little brown girls and Cratejoy 150amazing brown women need to see to reinforce and reaffirm the message that “we are here!”  Beautifully Brown Me also serves as a curator of all things beautifully brown, bringing the best in goods, events, and services to brown women and girls everywhere.  Through hot and trendy apparel and accessories, learning events and amazing parties, and providing access to resources, Beautifully Brown Me aspires to engage, empower, and inspire brown women and girls to love and embrace who they are, unapologetically.

2016-03-20 01.09.21Beautifully Brown Me is not a supremacist movement.  We believe that all women are beautiful and all women are equal. But when our girls look at the television, the movie screen, the magazine covers, the history books, that message is not clear.  Beautifully Brown Me is about ensuring that brown women and girls are not left out of conversations about beauty, excellence, worth, and the impact of women on the past, present, and  future of this world.  This is about inclusion, not exclusion!  We want all women to join this movement because the tapestry of women’s impact is multi-dimensional; to know only one part of the narrative is a disservice to us all.  We invite all women to learn, embrace, and be inspired right along with us.

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